Tuesday 12 February 2013


What can cause them in the laboratory:
  • Fiddling with pins or scissors
  • Dropping some glass (eg: a beaker)

To prevent this from happening:
  • Wear protective gear when holding something massively sharp.
  • Don't fiddle with scissors, pins, knifes if you are using them.

What to do if this does happen:
  • If its a sharp big piece of glass hold down onto it because if you take it out it will bleed a lot more but remember to warn the teacher.
  • If it is a small cut maybe ask the teacher of you can get a band-aid.

What to use if this does happen:
  • band-aid
  • ambulance (if you really need to.)
  • bandage
  • little cut will heal it self with oxygen.

Thank you to Brittany F for emailing this through.

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